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All our sunglass lenses block harmful light and offer 100% protection from both UVB & UVA rays.

- UV400 protection.

What's the difference in lens categories?

Category 0 - No tint, with light transmission at 80% to 100% - For pre dawn, overcast days and dusk or night.

Category 1 – Light tint, with light transmission at 43% to 80% - For cloudy days.

Category 2 – Medium tint, with light transmission at 18% to 43% - Good for all but the sunniest days.

Category 3 – Dark tint, with light transmission at 8% to 18% - For very sunny days.

Multimedia collage

Bi Focal

Bi focal lenses. 


Photochromic lenses. 

  • CRIT

    Single wrap lens in a dual moulded frame

    HD lenses with a mirror coating

  • PHO

    Easy change clips makes swapping lenses a breeze - multitude of lens options

  • RST

    Single wrap lens with adjustable nose piece with mirror lens options