RST Gloss Black or White frames with Red or Green Revo mirror lenses

The RST model.

Available in either a gloss black frame with red non slip temples and adjustable nose piece


a gloss white frame with blue non slip temples and adjustable nose piece.

This is fitted with either a S15 grey lens with a red revo mirror coating or green revolver mirror coating.

The Red mirror changes colour when viewed at different angles, Red / Orange / Yellow or the Green mirror will change from Green / Orange / Yellow.


* Single wrap lens.

* Adjustable non slip nose piece.

* Dual moulded non slip temples.

* Re enforced bar behind the center of the lens to add that extra protection in a frontal impact.

 * Ratcheting temple at the hinge. Temple will adjust 15 degrees up or down for optimum riding position.

Frame colour
Gloss black
Gloss white
Lens Options

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